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Saturday, May 9, 2009

SMART Youth @ Gmail

SMART Youth has a Gmail account for contact info!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baseball Event

Brought in by Efrain:

A Day at the Ballpark
Bring your family and friends!

St. Paul and St. Agnes Parish
Key Span Park (Coney Island)
Brooklyn, NY

Game Day: Saturday July 11th, 2009
Game Time: 6 PM
Place: Key Span Park (Coney Island), Surf Avenue-Brooklyn, NY
Price: $15 per person- Field Box Seat, (Under 2 years old/sit on a lap- Free)

You Will Receive: Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Cap. The first 2,500 fans in attendance will also receive a Brooklyn Cyclones Visor.
Everyone gets to enjoy the fireworks after the game!

All payments must be made by: Sunday June 7th, 2009

Edna Torres: (347) 661-6302

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tiffany's First Brainstorm

College Trips
Arcade Day/Laser Tag/ Paintball
Field Day
Amusement/Water/Theme Park
Beach Day

Workshops/ In The Office:
Anything with the Arts

Fundraising/ Events:
Talent/Fashion/Charity Show (NiteStar)

May Updates

Friday May 1st- First day with NiteStar! Intro to what we will be doing for the next 9 weeks as we create our OWN performance! Welcome Tiffany, our newest Youth Coordinator!

Friday May 8th- Second Session with NiteStar, since it was a nice day, it might be the reason not many youth came, but we had fun anyways! Hopefully more people will come next week, and bring your ideas to start writing scenes for our performance!

Friday May 15th- Great work everyone! Due to starting late we were not able to create many character scenarios, however we will definately be ready for next session! Lets try to knock out all the scenarios by getting in on time! Remember everyone should be in by 4pm (Or should I say "fo'" o'clock) so that we can be ready to start @ 4.30! Make sure you have you're "big booty" on!
(As said by Tiffany)

Friday May 22nd- Group was very small, However, we got a lot of work done, have our 3 scenes planned for NiteStar, and have 1 scene's script done. So great work to those who were in! Hopefully we have a bigger turn out next week!

Friday May 29th- A larger group turn out, yay! We have one scene down and the draft of the next scene. You guys were great! This isn't easy, but it sure is fun! Thanks Nite Star! Hopefully we'll be able to present something in time for the SMART Inc. Graduation (June 18th).