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Saturday, June 19, 2010

SMART Youth Summer Time Change

Attention all SMART Youth Group members,

For the summer we are changing the meeting time from Friday 4 - 6 to Saturday 2 - 4



We may return to our regular time once school starts up again, but we'll see how this goes.

Hope to see you all :)

PS - Just as a reminder, we are going to the beach next week. If the weather is bad there is no SMART Youth

Coney Island: Saturday, 06/26/10


Next week we will not be meeting on Friday. Instead we will be going to the beach on Saturday.

Meeting Details:

Where: Coney Island Beach
Meeting Place: Train Station
Time: 10am (so we have a full day)

Bring towel, bathing suit, a packed lunch, and your own money--as well as anything else you'd typically bring to the beach XD

Please contact me or Christina if you have any further questions--or if you get lost!


SMART Youth will be canceled for the week.

YouTube Introductions

Our YouTube page is kind of sad and we need your help to fix it!

Last Friday we started creating our YouTube Introductions to give the World Wide Web a little taste of who we are and what we do.

Christina and I will be posting a few of the intros up soon. However, if you did not participate and would like to you could contact either one of us and work something out--or post your own YouTube Video on your page and we'll favorite it on ours :)

Here are the questions that we answered:

Name: (or nickname)
Age: (If you wish)
Where you hail from/represent: (school, city, state, country...whatever you want)
What does SMART Youth mean to you?
Why do you come to SMART Youth?
Why do you think others should come to SMART Youth?

And then any closing remarks you might have.

Be creative!

Storytelling Project

Hey everyone, thought I'd be productive and update this.

Anyway, here are the details of the current project we are working on.

Storytelling Project

Write a short story taken from your life where you learned an important lesson. This lesson should be something that you believe other people could benefit from.

You can post your story for review on the facebook discussion board or reply to this post.

When we've collected a whole bunch of stories we're going to compile them into a book :)

Feel free to write more than one if you wish.

E-mail me if you have any questions.