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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Friday, January 16th, 2009
Second Cooking Class for CITY HARVEST! We made breakfast burritos and delicious smoothies! Great turn out of youth! Everyone is working together greatly, and keeping our bellies full!

Friday, January 9th, 2009
Start of CITY HARVEST Cooking Classes! We made yummy vegetable pizza and of course talked about the nutrition of it all. For the next 6 weeks we will keep up with these classes.
The Yale Fashion Show (hosted by Tamara) will be February 6th! Smart Youth is going to try and get permission to take this whole Friday so that we can get to the campus early, and get a tour! Then modeling for the show and carnival!

*Anyone with pictures from yesterday, feel free to post them up*

Friday, January 2nd, 2009
SMART Youth had their movie day and had fun hanging out! Sam and John talked about updates on the website, but that's all the work we really got done. It was a nice relaxing day.

Friday, December 12th
SMART Youth had a refreshing meeting, getting all the holiday ideas into order, and talking about future business and plans to get the Peer Education Work Rolling! Most of the holiday contacting with be done individually, since time has been cut, and Seniors are applying to colleges, (yikes). But all is well with the SMART Youth family!

*NEXT FRIDAY*: A Non-Sleeping "Sleep"- Over, Movies and Popcorn, for some SMART Youth down time!

Friday, December 5th
SMART Youth went bowling today! We ate at SMART, then discussed some future plans, such as: City Harvest, and the YALE FASHION SHOW! WOO HOO!
Hope everyone had fun!

Monday, December 1st, WORLD AIDS DAY
Hope everyone wore their ribbons, and promoted education and change for this years WORLD AIDS DAY!
It is December, and officially the season of Giving!
SMART Youth, we're getting on board for another Holiday Toy Drive!
Let's get this Party Started!

*REMINDER* I will love you all Forever if you get a Facebook! (not mentioning names... but Congrats to Terry!)

(All Updates from past dates have been added to our Blog, and in our Discussion Board, in case you are curious)


Friday, November 21st, 2008
Thanks everyone who attended this Friday! Hope everyone had fun making some SMART Youth Snag Bags! Those are always fun to send and receive. Next Friday there will be no SMART Youth, so have a Happy Thanksgiving!
*Any new ideas for the Winter, or World AIDS Day, just post them in the boards*

Friday, November 14th, 2008
Looks like we're still taking in new people for the group! Thanks for coming in the bad weather guys. So we are OFFICIALLY PLANNING FOR WORLD AIDS DAY! Please check the brainstorm board to put in your own ideas.
*Only thing SMART Youth has to figure out is how we can get the system of one person talking at a time going...*
Great Meeting Though! See everyone next Friday!

Friday, November 7th, 2008
The Halloween party is over! Time to get to brainstorming for World AIDS Day, and The Holiday party. Two youth from the Halloween party decided to join us this gloomy Friday, and SMART Youth would like to welcome John! So time to refresh idea, and get our motives on the go to help spread the word, and make change! OBAMA '08!

Sunday, October 26th 2008
The turn out was AWESOME! The space was GREAT! The food was AMAZING! And so much CANDY! What a FUN CROWD! Hope everyone had fun!

PS: SMART Youth will not be meeting this Friday, October 31st, 2008 (since it's Halloween) Stay Safe!


I didn't update for last Friday... I think we had a large group and are hardcore on Halloween Party Planning now! Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Party is October 26th, we have another week and a few extra days to get everything in order! Gift Bags and Gifts are the major point now, everything else is settled. Get those emails out, and phone calls, and beg, and plead for donations! Whatever works! haha!

TYWLS SMART Youth were not able to attend this Friday, since we went on a college trip at Connecticut College. It was a nice trip though. From what I have heard, only 5 youth came, but it's okay, the weather was yuck, and TYWLS girls make up half of the group. Next week we have to get cracking on party planning, and are going to see Mama Mia, make sure to RSVP.

SYNC has had it's SECOND meeting! It is GREAT! We're already family! Such great new people, and old people finally getting the chance to combine with Casa, and form a SUPER youth group! ROOSEVELT! You're a GOD! He has gotten the food covered for the party ALREADY! IN A WEEK! From SYLVIA'S for FREE! WHAT!!!!!! AND SMART Youth will be seeing Mama Mia October 3rd, after meeting! Thank you everyone! Things are going GREAT!!! Soon You All NEXT Week!


SMART Youth (SYNC) has had it's official first meeting of the whole new group, now joined with Casa Kids, and other CAS! It was an excellent turn out, we're going to be focusing on the Halloween party for now, but have many plans for the Future! Recreational Facilitator Roosevelt was a great find! Thank You!
SMART Youth will be meeting Fridays at 4! Hope to see you there!


Samantha is studying abroad in Italy this semester so Christina will be admining this group as well as the myspace group and the blogger blog. If there haven't been any new updates just give her a poke. It's her senior year so she may not be able to update as frequently as she would like to.


SMART Youth will not be meeting this Thursday, but will continue to meet every Thursday for the rest of the summer.


SMART Youthers unite!

Remember, SMART Youth is NOT meeting this Thursday--but SMART Univ.'s graduation is on Friday. So please, if you can volunteer please do! You won't regret it I'm sure :)

Also, SMART Youth will be meeting on Saturday. This is our last day with Janet so don't you dare miss it! It'll be bittersweet fun. *conflicted smile-frown-sob*

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