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Monday, February 25, 2013

Pick Up's, Hook Up's, & Break Up's

SMART Youth's Post-Valentine's Day event was a success!
Despite the rain and trains... we still managed to have a great event and hopefully provide people with new and valuable information!

If you weren't able to make it, or are curious about what we discussed, here is a little summary of each section.

Pick Up's:
1. Figure out what you are looking for (physical attraction, smarts, style, etc.)
2. Be confident. (Always a valuable attribute)
3. Don't push yourself onto them. (OR make them uncomfortable)
4. Make sure you are in a safe space. (And a place you would want to pick someone up at!)
5. Prepare yourself for rejection. (It happens! Don't let it get you down, move on with your head up)

Hook Up's:

When you're ready to continue some form of a relationship with someone, you should prepare yourself. 
You should know what YOU WANT and what you will possibly want from a partner.
Check out this Yes, No, Maybe list to figure out some guidelines for yourself and partner(s): 
Yes, No, Maybe

Remember, Hook-up's are open for interpretation! Communication is key in order to figure out what type of relationship you are experiencing with someone in order to reduce the "gray area" which we all dread. 

Hook-Up's can be one night, kissing, sex or no sex, consistent, a few months, years, once in awhile... or a full relationship!
Know your rules and respect yourself so others can show you the same respect you deserve!


So it's coming to an end... Either it's for the best, going to hurt, or going to be the best day of your life. 
It also all depends on whether or not you are being dumped or the one doing the dumping.

*These are very general tips since it all depends on how you feel about the person and the reason for leaving a person.  

For the Dumper: 
-Be clear. Make it known that this is the end of whatever you have created with this other person.
-Try not to be a jerk.
-Don't lie. "It's not you, it's me.", come on... seriously? 
-Establish rules for after the relationship is over.

For the Dumped: 
-Listen & Absorb.
-Don't jump to conclusions.
-Take a moment, if you need one. 
-Accept it for the moment. If you so desire to pursue (which might not be a good idea if they are very clear), sleep on it for a bit. Let the air clear.

There are ways that people prefer to breakup/be broken up with, like face to face contact.
Texting and emails are at the bottom of that list, but it happens. It depends on where you are in the relationship or the type of relationship.

Good Luck and Stay Safe!
What a crazy thing relationships are...

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