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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sex on YOUR Terms!

On March 15th, SMART Youth had their National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event at NYIT.

We had yummy food, covered a variety of great topics, and had great discussions!
A few gentlemen even wanted to join!

Our youth leaders and youth facilitator led workshops! It was full SMART Youth run!

Jeannie doing a female condom demonstration.

We discussed topics such as:
*Body Image & Self Love
*Female Masturbation (This was a new one for SMART Youth, and really got the mind racing!)
*Consent & Condom Negotiation
*Female Condom Pro's, Con's, & How To's
*Empowerment/Advocacy Opportunities

SMART Youth Ladies!
We had a wonderful turn out and can't wait for next year!
Stay tuned for the Male Version, "Barbershop Talk" at the end of May!

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