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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last Friday, SMART Youth hosted the workshop “Trans Health 101” to learn more about what it means to be trans or gender non-conforming in today’s world and how we can become better allies for the trans community. Two amazing friends of SMART facilitated the workshop to teach us about:
  • the history of the trans movement
  • the various ways that individuals within the trans community may identify
  • how individuals may express their gender identity in society 
  • how to respectfully learn more about someone’s gender identity
  • questions or nicknames that may be disrespectful or offensive within the trans community
Overall, it was an incredibly enlightening workshop in which we were able to learn a lot more about a topic that is unfamiliar to many of us and how we as SMART Youth can be leaders in creating a world where everyone feels respected and comfortable being themselves.

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