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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introduction Lines (Nite Star Performance)

BELL RINGS (everyone enters)

Lucy: Are you coming to the party Friday?
Melissa: Yeah, I just have to get Leslie to cover for me...
Jocelyn: What do you mean, You're not bringing her with you, right?
Melissa: Hell no, but I have to tell my parents I'm going to be over at her house.
Lucy: I hope she doesn't come...
Melissa: She won't. Trust me.

(Leslie enters)

Melissa: Oh there she is, I'll see you guys later. (catches Leslie) Hey Leslie, listen. I need you to do me a favor. I want to go to this party Friday night, but my mom's on some controlling kick right now... I need you to tell my mom that I'm staying with you.
Leslie: You want me to lie to Auntie Samantha?
Melissa: You know... Lie is such an ugly word...
Leslie: (pauses) Well... what's in it for me?
Melissa: Well... let's talk about it.
( Melissa and Leslie walk off)

Lucy: What are you doing tonight?
Jocelyn: I don't know... I'm not feeling good... I think I'm going to go home.
Lucy: You should get Sean to come over and "Nurse" you back to health, you feel me?
Jocelyn: I don't really want to see him tonight...
Lucy: Really? uh oh...
Jocelyn: It's not like that, I'm just not feeling well and I--
Lucy: I'm trying to get Jason to take me to the movies.
Jocelyn: He's cheap, he's not taking you anywhere.
Lucy: I'm going to persuade him... Trust me.

(Jason calls for Lucy)

Jason: Lucy, I need you, come here please!
Lucy: Jay, what's wrong?
Jason: I can't find this review sheet and the test is next period...
Lucy: Well where did you put it?
Jason: If I knew I wouldn't be asking you to help me find it, now would I?
Lucy: Okay I will help you, but if I find it... can we go to the movies tonight?
Jason: What?
Lucy: If I find it, you'll take me to the movies tonight.
Jason: yeah, sure, whatever.
(Lucy pulls the sheet out of her back pocket)
Lucy: Oh, here it is.
Jason: You had this the whole time?
Lucy: Hm... I guess I did, and now you're taking me to the movies.
Jason: You're lucky I like you.
Lucy: Whatever, you love me, good luck.
(Lucy and Jason exit separately)

BB: Yo Sean, you've gotta hook me up with Monica.
Sean: Monica from my gym class?
BB: Yeah man, I'm trying to get her to come with me to Prom.
Sean: Well then just ask her.
BB: If I ask her she's going to say no.
Sean: How do you know that?
BB: Well... I kind of asked her before...
Sean: So why are you asking me to hook you up is she already said No?
BB: I figured if you speak on my behalf she might change her mind...
Sean: That sounds stupid.
BB: Yeah... but do you think it'll work?
Sean: Maybe... I'll hook it up tomorrow. I've got to go talk to Jocelyn.
BB: Cool, I'll hit you up later.
(BB exits, and Sean walks over to Jocelyn)

Sean: What's up baby? (Sean goes in for a kiss, but Jocelyn turns her cheek to him)
Jocelyn: Hey...
Sean: What's wrong with you?
Jocelyn: Nothing. I'm fine.
Sean: Yeah, Ok... So what're we doing tonight?
Jocelyn: Um... Look I'm not feeling good so I'm just going to stay home...
Sean: Well I can come by and take care of you...
Jocelyn: No, that's ok. You've done enough.
Sean: What?
Jocelyn: Nothing, I've got to get to class. I'll talk to you later.
(Jocelyn exits)

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