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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year and Outreach Project 2010

Hey everyone!
Here are the notes from the brainstorm and such that we had Friday (January 8th, 2010)

We will be handing out around 200 outreach bags to the public in order to promote SMART Youth and increase our numbers.

Ideas for the bags consist of: (SMART Bags)
-The bags will most likely be the mini ziploc bags used for the snag bags, other ideas welcome
-Condoms (SMART is already supplied with plenty, this does not affect our budget)
-SMART Youth stickers on the outside corners of the bags
-Beaded bracelets: red and white beads and 2 rolls of elastic string, made by the youth.
(depending on budget and time to make these)
-Flat jelly bracelets customized to say SMART YOUTH
(if this is more cost effective it may replace the beaded bracelets)
-Buttons with SMART Facts (facts and statistics on STD's and HIV, based on youth): for around 200 of these it costs $110
-Red lollipops
-SMART Youth Business Card (?), we do not have an official contact so we are unsure about creating a card, and have to wait for budget.

-Pens (customized?)

Add any other ideas or prices you have found.
I will keep this board updated from every meeting until the project is complete.

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