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Thursday, January 14, 2010

UPDATE on 2010 Outreach Project

UPDATE: (January 15th)

We will be making bags on January 29th.
Then distributing the bags on February 5th, Starting at the SMART Office then walking around the area to pass out our bags to our target Youth audience.

Stay updated!
Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: (January 14th)

By the looks of things our budget will only be $300.
So the main products we will focus on will be:
*Buttons (or if we can get the customized Keychains with the condom inside to have a fact in the front and SMART Youth info)
*SMART Youth Palm Card
*Lollipops (for attraction)
*Condoms (of course)

It won't be as bulky as we'd like but I think this will be simple and get the info out, as well as our name.

We also need to plan a date to do this project ASAP.
Possibly the week before Valentine's.


Chrisy said...

Custom Keychains have a MINIMUM of 500 pieces:


Custom Buttons are around $110 for 200 pieces (only can fit STD/HIV facts and statistics):

Lollipop Assortment for over 200 is around $12:

Custom Palm Cards are anywhere from $100-150:

Chrisy said...


1. 2 Teenagers are Infected with HIV Every Hour. (100 buttons)
2. At least half of all new infections are among people under the age of 25. (100 buttons)