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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SMART Youth and MNN Youth Channel Together to Discuss Disclosure

Last Friday, SMART Youth collaborated with MNN Youth Channel to lead a discussion before their monthly Movie Nite. The theme for both the discussion and the movie was disclosure and the many complexities that come with communicating in our sexual relationships. Disclosure is a topic that can include sexual health status, sexual orientation, and gender identity, but also includes other private aspects of our sex lives. Everyone from SMART Youth and from MNN Youth Channel shared valuable information, asked great questions, and even told personal stories about disclosure in their own lives. We discussed that although it may make us feel scared, nervous, or uncomfortable to share personal information during our most vulnerable moments, it is important to be open and honest about ourselves when involved in intimate relationships.  If we are not ready to talk about sex and our bodies, then maybe we aren't ready to engage in sexual activity!

After our discussion, MNN Youth Channel screened the movie “Gun Hill Road”, a film about a father struggling with changes in his life after being in prison, including his son struggling with gender identity. We saw how the theme of disclosure was present throughout this great film.

Thank you to all who came, and a special thank you to MNN Youth Channel for letting us be a part of your wonderful event!

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For more information on the legal definitions and obligations for STI disclosure, check out these links below:

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