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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can't Make it to Meetings?

For Facebook:

Can't make it to the SMART Youth meetings this Summer, but still want to help plan for the upcoming Annual Halloween event (and more)?
No problem!

We have now established a system that should help you stay updated, and provide your own ideas on the group page.
Just go to the discussion boards (oh the facebook group) to find "Halloween Party 2010"
This is where you will find updates, brainstorms, and places ready to be contacted.
Post up any information you can provide, any contacts you can connect with, or if you can't contact some place - post it anyway and ask if someone else has the possible capabilities to. :)
I hope this helps!
*Remember to be very specific with your response though so we don't wind up contacting one place twice, or not contacting another place at all.*

Thank you everyone!
Have a GREAT Summer!
Stay Safe :)

Christina Rodriguez

For Blogspot:

There is a new topic post called "Halloween Party 2010"
Read through the intro and brainstorm and post all the same information under the comments part, and that will be helpful as well.

Thank You!

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