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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Halloween (and other events) Brainstorming Session

Halloween Party Ideas:
*Folder Packets


-Boricuan (Brooklyn)
-Domico’s (Brooklyn)
-Enteman’s (factory in Queens)

Donations of Goodies:
-TJ Maxx
-BX Sports
-Staples/Office Max (school supplies?)
-The Body Shop
-Bed, Bath and Beyond
-Filene’s Basement
-Midtown Comics
-Fairway (gift baskets)

Donations of Candy:

Donations of Decorations:
-Halloween store

Other notes:
-connect with bakery
-Target Grant (?)
-Flea market table (art workshops beforehand)
*(Empowerment days series)
Spa day (for girls to hand out necklaces), Women and Girl’s Day (MARCH)
(donations for make over stuff?)
-Talent Show

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