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Saturday, July 10, 2010

International AIDS Conference 2010

Note from Christina Rodriguez:

International AIDS Conference XVIII: Vienna, Austria

July 14th, 2010 (evening)
Arrival back home:
July 23rd, 2010 (evening)

I have a camcorder now! I will keep updated with videos, but most of them will be going on the SMART Youth youtube page, since that is why I am truly at the conference! to represent! :D
I will take lots of pictures, and try to get as many little gifts as I can, but... the dollar is not equivalent to the US dollar, and I don't have a money tree ( sadly ;-; )
My cell phone will be OFF! I cannot risk any roaming charges, so if you need to contact me, it's called FACEBOOK :) (or email, or... whatever, or just wait haha)
Yes, I am very excited, slightly nervous, but more excited!
I have to thank UNAIDS, AIDS2031, and Global AIDS Alliance for helping me get the support and funding for this valuable trip!
As well as individuals who have networked with me, and I will see them at the conference :)
But personally, MY GRANDMA is AWESOME! :D!!! she helped with some finances and just unconditional lovvveee :) *love Grandma*
I will be traveling with my mom and brother, sadly Sam couldn't come due to work, but we arrive back on her birthday, so everyone who reads this, don't forget! wish her a wonderful birthday! :D

YAY! On my way!

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