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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post: IAC (Last Day of Panels, 1) END

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Sex, Sexuality, Society

I only chose one panel for this day. It was the last day and I wanted to make sure I was contributing enough time to the "SMART Youth: I Love Safe Sex" booth.

I chose this panel because it sounded interesting. I love to hear different views about sex and sexuality within society. How people get engrained in their heads certain image and views is intriguing to me.

Now, since this panel was in the Youth Pavilion (like the Disclosure ones), I knew it was going to be... colorful.

It did turn out to be more of a workshop than panel, which is totally fine by me. But it also seemed like one of those presentations you get in school. Then it seemed like a discussion of topics I easily bring up with my friends, family, and anyone who likes to discuss the establishment of society with me.

 It started like this:

What is Sexual Pleasure?
Everyone in the room wrote what they defined sexual pleasure as on a little piece of paper, rolled it up, and tossed it in one of the presenters long skirt.
Once everyone was done, the presenters took turns reading aloud peoples descriptions.
It ranged from: cuddling to biting to grinding to multiple orgasms.
Awesome. We all have our thing.

The big question brought up was, "What are the rights for sexual pleasure?"

From a public health point of view the definition of sexual pleasure entails:
  • Responsible behavior
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Knowing the risks and how to stay safe
  • Morality & Ethics
The Sex Industry exists because people have gotten pleasure and enjoyment out of these "categorized" sexual acts and get to live out fantasies.

Porn can create insecurity within "average" sexual beings since the clips put pressure on acts not on screen to be as clean and successful as the ones taped.

Sex has its history. It hasn't always been "scandalous". "We exist because of sex!" said one of the presenters.

Good vs. Bad Sex
This also breaks down into "normal" and "abnormal". The societal views of good and bad sex almost always break down into making heterosexuals "normal/good" and any other gender and sexuality "abnormal/bad".

There was a quick slide show on myths the presenters found online. Then discussion on how we need to educate more in order to debunk these myths so they don't continue to misinform youth.

Romantics vs Realists: On Love & Sex
There was a comparison between the extremes of how people think when encountered with the topics of love and sex. Romantics seem to feel passion (sex) must stay present within the relationship or else the relationship must be dead. Realists seem to believe that passion will falter, if the love is strong enough then that is really the base for a fine relationship.

I'm not sure where I stand... I believe has to be the firm ground, but without passion... days may start to seem routine.

What do you think?

What is "Sexy"?
What does the media's version of "sexy" help or persuade average people?

"Roll & Rock": Roll one on (a condom) before you Rock.

The presenters then gave their shout outs to The Pleasure Project, who is trying to encourage education on safe and fun sexual pleasure.

Overall, a cute workshop. A nice end to my International AIDS Conference experience. Who wouldn't want to end their day talking about heavy topics like sex, sexuality, and the twist domain of society.

I'm always happy to see people talking about it, since they are three of my favorite topics to discuss, and also three topics that seem to always have controversy around them, and with changes to be made.

There you have it. The conference life of Christina Rodriguez. I hope you became informed and weren't completely bored.

Keeping checking back for updates and supporting SMART Youth!
We Rock! (And you can too)

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