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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post: International AIDS Conference (Intro)

SMART Youth conquered the Global Village at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC!

We sold, we educated, we connected, we promoted.

I believe (Christina Rodriguez), can speak on behalf of all they youth, and adults that helped make the booth possible, that the experience can not be compared to any other opportunity!

Since I was the only registered delegate to the conference, I was able to sit in on panels and workshops outside of the Global Village.

There were some hits, and some misses, and in order to give you the inside scoop I am going to summarize my notes and thoughts on each of the panels I went to during the week of the International AIDS Conference.

The International AIDS Conference XX of 2014 will be in Melbourne, Australia.
Fundraising anyone? :)

SMART Youth: I Love Safe Sex Booth Display

*DISCLAIMER: These are PERSONAL and FIRST HAND descriptions of how I felt and my ideas during the panels and workshops. I'm not trying to take over the SMART Youth site with my story, but it will come up.*

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