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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SMART Youth Learns How to Get Paid

Last Friday, we learned some great tips and techniques for how to land the job that we want. We first started off with talking about the importance of your resume. A resume is a detailed, yet concise way of showcasing our experiences so we can get hired. Our resumes are often our first impression to employers before they meet us, so it is very important that our resumes are as perfect as possible. Employers can have tens or even hundreds of resumes to look through (the longest they will look at your resume is fifteen seconds), and the first way they determine the qualified from the unqualified is through simply looking at your resume’s appearance. The second way is through searching for important keywords related to what they are looking for in an employee. This means having neat and consistent formatting, explaining relevant work or volunteer experiences with the same language used in the job description, and making sure that our resumes are totally free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Conservative Resume
Creative Resume
Both are acceptable. It depends on the field of work you're applying to!

Another first (or second) impression we make is through interviewing for the job. Whether it’s because we dropped in to find out if a place is hiring, or we were called back for a formal interview because our resume was impressive, we learned that the interview starts the moment we step into the workplace and ends on our first day at work. This means looking and being your best. One important tip we learned is bringing your resume and list of references with you to your interview. This way, not only do you have something to refer to during your interview, but many times you’ll be required to fill out additional paperwork before or after your interview – having your resume and references with you will come in handy instead of trying to recall all of that information. Some other interviewing tips and techniques we discussed included dressing the part for the interview, arriving ten minutes earlier than your scheduled time, being kind and respectful to everyone you encounter, looking attentive and interested throughout the interview, answering questions with specific examples of your skills and experiences, asking follow-up questions at the end, and sending a thank you note to the interviewer within twenty-four hours of the interview.
Regular white computer paper will do!
With these tips and more, we are now better equipped and more prepared to tackle the work world!

Below are some more resources about resumes and interviews!

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