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Monday, September 3, 2012

10 Days of Activism: Day 3

September 3rd, 2012


The topic of education for today is "Double-Bagging", something you should only do with heavy items at the grocery store.

Double-Bagging has two definitions in the sexual health education world:

1. When two (or more...) male condoms are used on a one penis.

2. When a male condom AND a female condom are used at the same time.

Let's address the issue of definition number one:

I've heard complaints of how one condom is "too tight" on a penis, how is two condoms going to be any better?
It's not. That's the answer.
So I believe this practice is used for "extra protection", or if one condom breaks, you already have another one on and can continue the act.
For real, guys, one condom is enough.
If you're worried about breakage here are some tips:

1. Check the expiration date! If it's old, non-lubricated, most likely it will break.
2. LUBE IT UP! Lubrication decreases friction during sexual intercourse, which increases how much your latex (or other material-ed) buddy can withstand.
3. If you're really going extra hard during sex, there are condoms made to support you for that... they're called "Extra- Strength"

If you use two condoms are the same time you are only INCREASING friction, which INCREASE risk of BREAKAGE!
It's just too much! It is just too much for the penis!
You don't believe me?
Watch me "double-bag" my banana and see for yourself how my less than ripe banana feels about having TWO condoms on!

Now an erect penis is firmer than my banana, which only proves my point more. My banana is not sadly a bit misshapen because of the pressure of the two condoms.
Do you really want to do that to your penis?!
I'll tell you what, if I were a penis I would be pretty content with wearing just ONE hat!

Issues with definition number 2:

Seriously? A female AND male condom?
I've already serenaded you with the wonderful powers of the female condom.
Using just a female condom is enough. (Just like using only a male condom is enough!)
You don't need two plastics rubbing against each other during intercourse.
Sex causes friction between two bodies. Plastics rubbing against each other causes friction.
Too much friction causes breakage.
And that is the major point of the day.
Along with that, it can be harder to guide a male-condom-wearing penis into a female-condom-using vagina.

Message of the day:
One condom is enough. Male OR Female.
Lube it up to decrease friction, and decrease breakage. (Along with other tips given)

Save yourself the discomfort and MONEY (using two condoms at a time, if you are paying for them).

Stay Safe!   

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