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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Female Condom: "Cons"?

Here is a supplementary article to the Second day of the 10 Days of Activism article about The Female Condom.

September 2nd, 2012

"That thing is SCARY!/HUGE!/WEIRD!"

Yes, the female condom can be a bit intimidating at first site, but don't worry! As soon as you get familiar with it, you'll just realize it's just trying to protect you!
(There will be another article on How to Use a Female Condom)
Only a small portion of the condom stays outside of the vagina.
It actually isn't much bigger than a male condom in length, and the width no longer matters once inserted into the vagina.

"I have to hold it in place..." "We tried this position and it just didn't work out..."

Yeah... It's tough to flip this con into something pro. But I do have a few tips to pass along to still make the experience enjoyable.
While the Female Condom may not be as comfortable or efficient for positions that twist you up in knots, it can still be used for pretty much any basic position. (Missionary, Doggy, side-to-side... if that's even a position name...)
The best thing to do is LUBE IT UP! (I even suggest this with male condoms)
Lubricate the penis and inside of the female condom. This will decrease friction and also the female condom "sticking" to the penis.

In the beginning you will have to guide the penis into the condom (by holding the outer ring), or else the penis can insert to the side of the condom within the vagina, thus making the whole protection thing a failure.
You might have to hold the outer ring when changing positions as well. But, you should be good to go after the transition.

For some tricky or hardcore positions the outer ring may slide in to the vagina, along with the motion of the penis. This is when holding the outer ring is best, if you know there will be some full speed pumping or yoga-moves humping. (I know you liked that one.)

Beforehand Insertion

This can definitely be a pro and con. (obviously, it's on the list)
The Female Condom is most comfortable when inserted at least 30 minutes beforehand. 
So if you do want to use while already getting hot and heavy... it may be a long pause.
You're probably better off just using a male condom.
You can always just set the female condom over the penis and insert it that way (if he is already erect and the inner ring is removed).
The condom will not have had enough time to adjust to the vaginal walls, but it is still protecting you to it's full extent.

"It's HOW much?!"

The Female Condom is expensive if you are going out to buy a brand-name box. (Prudence, Trojan, and... I'm not sure what other lines have female condoms already)
The price is so much because the demand is not equal to the price of producing the product.
The FC2 is given out for free at many resource centers though! SMART Youth being one of them!
So if you need a few (for practice if you're new), and then for a trial run.
Come on by! (If you're in the neighborhood that is)
There are plenty of other sources if you are interested in finding them.

Of course the LOCATION of where you are can be a con as well...
If you check out the Day 2 blog, you'll see some information on the Paper Dolls Campaign, which is promoting more accessibility of the female condom!
So now if you really want to get on board, check out that link.

I hope I helped make you feel a little less uneasy about the female condom.
If there are any "cons" that I missed, let me know!

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