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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Days of Activism: Day 4

September 4th, 2012

Variety is the Spice of Life: Pick a Condom!

Are you bored of the same ol' condom. Just latex. Just protection. It can become a little mundane.
Be bored no more!
There is a condom to suit pretty much anyone's fancy!
Not only are there a variety of brands, but styles, lengths, colors, textures.
If you're looking for a new experience, try checking out a new  condom!
"Sexual pleasure starts with choosing the RIGHT condom for the RIGHT situation." - DKT International


These guys are pretty self explanatory. They have ribs along the outside of the condom (some just at the head, others down the whole condom). This is supposed to provide extra stimulation for the female within the vagina.
Now ribbed isn't always just ribbed. So many brands have taken this simple idea and added to it.
For example, Trojan's "Intense Ribbed" even provides spacious head room for the penis.
Trojan also has a "Twisted Pleasure" which puts the ribs in a spiral form along the condom.
You can also find "Ribbed Extra Sensitive" "Ribbed Ultra-Thin" "Ribbed plus..."
It's a simple texture so it doesn't make it too intimidating to experiment with.

Extra Sensitive/Ultra Thin:

You might find these guys under a multitude of names, Extra Sensitive, Ultra Thin, Micro Thin, Barely There...
You get the picture.
All this means is that these condoms have been engineered to be thinner than your average condom, but still maintain their strength.
Thinner is supposed to provide extra sensitivity because there is less thickness to the condom between the two bodies.
Pretty simple concept.
So if you're looking to "get closer" without sacrificing protection, check out some ultra thin condoms!


These condoms, like the ribbed, have a texture on the exterior. The texture is like... if you can think back to dots candy, like those candies on the paper sheet, surrounding the whole head of the condom (or whole condom depending on the brand).
This texture can be a hit or miss with the ladies, probably depending on the spacing between the dots.
But, you can't knock something you haven't tried!
So if the partner who will actually FEEL the studs inside wants to try this out, then why not give it a go! You can become pleasantly surprised with the change up.

Flavors and Colors:
Self explanatory. All flavored condoms are colored, but not all colored condoms are flavored, so don't be fooled! You can always add your own flavored lubricant to a colored condom (or a regular condom) if you so please.
Flavored condoms are only for ORAL SEX. The sugars in the lubricant are not good for the vagina and can cause a yeast infection... so... let's not go from oral to vaginal with these condoms...
Dental Dams are thin sheets of flavored latex for oral sex on a female. They can also be used for anilingus (oral stimulation of the anus).


If you have an allergy to latex, there is still no excuse for you not to use protection!
Many major condom brands have created lines of latex alternatives for their condoms.
They function the same way as regular condoms they are just a different material like: polyisoprene or polyurethane (like the female condom).
Trojan as the polyurethane "Supra", Lifestyles has the polyisoprene "Skyn", Durex has "Avanti" and "Bare"
There are also lambskin condoms... but these don't have the same protection percentage as non-latex alternative and latex condoms, since lambskin is porous and semen can seep out during intercourse.
If you need an alternative condom, check out these!

The list goes on and on for the different types of condoms, especially since new ones are being put on the market regularly. This is great for the experimenting sexual being!
These are the main categories, but there are still a variety of combinations of these that create different sensations and experiences for the user.
Red, Blueberry, Polyurethane, Studded, Twisted, Ultra Thin -
What ever you desire, There's a condom for that.

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