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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Female Condom: How To Use It!

At first sight the Female Condom can invoke the thought, "What the hell do I do I with that thing?"

Well here I am to give you a little more insight than an instruction manual about how to USE the Female Condom!

Here is what your Female Condom package will look like (unless you have a different brand)

On the back of your package you will see something like this:

How sweet of them to give you some instructions right on the package! Glance over this before open the condom up.

Onwards! Like with ANY condom the first thing you should do is... Check the expiration date!
For the female condom it is printed on the side of a side flap. June, 2013... We're good to go!

Once you open the package, here is the treasure you will find!

Now onto the procedure...

1. Pinch the inner ring into a figure 8.

2. Proceed to slide the figure 8 inner ring into the vagina. Once it slides in you will have to adjust to your comfort level by sliding your finger inside the condom (to move the ring and condom upwards), or on the side of the condom already in the vagina.
Here is my hand vagina. I know she's beautiful.
Displayed above I have already slid the figure 8 into my "hand vagina".

This is after I have adjusted the condom more by sliding my fingers into the condom and pushing it until only the outer ring lays beyond.
Which leads to step 3...

3. Adjust the outer ring to lay over the outer lips of the vagina before intercourse.

(Insert Sex Music)

How satisfying!

Now, how do you discard of this contraption?

1. Twist the outer ring of the condom (to reduce spillage of the semen)

Oh yeah... look are those lube-y hands... nice.
2. Pull the condom out and toss it in the trash.

Mission accomplished!

Now it may still seem like a daunting task, but practice really does make perfect.
Try to have a few female condoms in your possession if this is a form of protection you are thinking of using. It may take a few times for you to adjust to sliding the condom in (especially if you are someone who doesn't use tampons), and your body to adjust to foreign object.

Good luck!

I'll leave you with my silent (beside the AC running) movie of my step by step use of the female condom.

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