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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Days of Activism - Day 5

September 5, 2012

Basic Anatomy: How Our Parts Fit Together!

Since we are spreading the word about the importance of hearing the voices of young people when it comes to sexual health, sexual education and access to prevention materials (like male and female condoms, birth control and emergency contraception), SMART Youth decided we need to go old-school and remind everyone of the basics -- how do our bodies work?

The male and female reproductive systems can seem like a mystery at times.  Some of the names are strange (the Vas Deferens, anyone?) and sometimes people can't find certain parts (I'm talking about you, Clitoris), but it is all a part of the biology that makes us work.  Since the reproductive system is connected to reproduction (amazing how that works, isn't it), and reproduction is linked to sex, we tend to get embarrassed talking about our body parts.   Regardless of our embarrassment, we need to know about our bodies because it is the first step in making healthy decisions.  Knowing our bodies and being educated about how the reproductive system works is an essential part of sexual health education and part of what this campaign is all about.  So, whether you aced your biology class or never saw "The Miracle of Life", here's a chance to review how our parts work and how they fit together.

First up is the Female Reproductive System:

It looks like a lot is going on down there for women, but since the majority of the female reproductive system is internal we don't get to see most of what is pictured.  For more information on what each part does, check out Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System

Now, on to the Male Reproductive System:

See, the male reproductive system is more complex than a penis and testicles.  To learn more check out Guide to the Male Reproductive System

One important thing to remember is that no one looks exactly the same.  Here's a great video talking about this: 

Regardless if you remember all the accurate, scientific names for our body parts, the most important thing to remember is that in order to stay safe you should see your doctor on a regular basis, use condoms and contraceptives, and get tested if you are sexually active!

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