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Monday, November 5, 2012

SMART Youth Answers: I Touch Myself

What is masturbation?

                                                 Divinyls- I Touch Myself

Masturbation is the act of "self-love" or more accurately, "solo sex act". It is when you reach orgasm by touching your own genitalia. You can use sex toys during masturbation as well.  The technical terminology is that stimulation is provided to different erogenous zones (areas on the body that have heightened sensitivity and provide sexual arousal.)  These zones are different for females and males.
Females: nipples, vagina, g-spot, clitoris
Males: Penis, scrotum, prostate gland

Commonly shared erogenous zones are the mouth (lips), earlobes, and neck BUT people have different levels of sensitivity when touched on certain areas of their body. 

Female masturbation is when a female provides stimulation to her clitoris, within her vaginal canal (g-spot stimulation), or all of the above.
-The clitoris is a little pouch above the urethra that becomes engorged with nerves when aroused.
-The g-spot is a bean-shaped, spongy tissue, and composed of erectile tissue, so it swells when blood rushes to it. 

There are numerous ways for females to provide stimulation to these parts: 
- A handy-dandy, HAND! Different motions and speeds with your own hand will give you a feel of your own body.
-Vibrators and other sex toys: different vibrators provide different speeds and motions, and different sex toys can touch and stimulate different points of the female genitalia. 

The penis does not have has many hidden erogenous zones like the vagina.  So, it's a little simpler to figure out how to get started when it comes to masturbation. There is the head of the penis (which may or may not still have foreskin- depending on if the male was circumcised or not). Then there is the shaft of the penis, which leads to the scrotum, holding the testicles. The main point of male satisfaction is through stimulation to the penis with different pressures and speeds against the shaft and the head of the penis. 

Orgasm is more easily achieved for a male because of anatomy. This means masturbation for a male usually also consists of a hand.
BUT males get toys too for their masturbatory needs.
Flesh lights are a silicone based male sex toy. They replicate the vagina, anus, and mouth. Creators of flesh lights have taken some creative liberties and you can even find vampire, alien, and glow in the dark flesh lights. The male inserts his penis into the opening of the flesh light and continues with whatever rhythmic motion suits his fancy.

Both males and females may seek a visual aid during masturbation, like porn or pictures. It is up to the person's taste. Masturbation is one way someone can get to know their body on their own. 
When engaging in sex you can voice which way you like to be touched if you've figured it out for yourself, and maybe your partner will do the same. 
Communication and Satisfaction!

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