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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SMART Youth Answers: It's Time to PULL OUT, Troops!

What is the "Pull Out Method" and how effective is it with preventing pregnancy and/or STI transmission?

Comedian Jo Koy makes the boundaries of getting pregnant to not getting pregnant sound very simple with this method of birth control.
Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

The "Pull Out Method" is when the penis is withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation.
The strategy behind this method is that if the semen does not enter the vagina then no sperm can enter the vagina and essentially fertilize an egg within the uterus.
This fact is true, BUT because of the next fact, this does not make a fool-proof plan.

*Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) still has traces of mature sperm.
These guys WANT to fertilize! They are fighters, super swimmers, and one-track minded SURVIVORS!
Only one sperm needs to get enter the vagina in order to begin the journey of conception...
-Along with this, only one sperm is necessary to transmit any Sexually Transmitted Infections or HIV

This method has been used for centuries though...
So it's not a total failure.
4/100 females will become pregnant if method is done correctly.
27/100 will become pregnant if method is done incorrectly.

I presume TIMING is KEY with this method.
For more information on how to make this work for you as a birth control method (after you and your partner get tested and have a back-up plan for if this plan DOES NOT work) check out this link:
Pull Out Method

Have Fun and Stay Safe!
(And clean up your mess... if you know what I mean!)

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