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Sunday, November 18, 2012

SMART Youth Answers: In Da Butt

Anal sex boggles my mind... Please explain this sexual act!

My, oh my. I feel like I should be flagged for just putting that photo, but let's get to the BOTTOM of this anal stuff. ;)

What is Anal Sex?
Anal sex is the insertion of a penis into the anus. Some acts of anal sex may include object insertion, fingering, anilingus (licking the anus), or pegging (female with a strap-on penis inserting into an anus).

So... this is pleasurable? 
Like with any sexual position this all depends on the person. There is an anatomy to anal sex though that can make it pleasurable to people.
There are nerve endings in the anus and rectum region that could lead to an enjoyable experience during anal sex, for both males and females.
The opening and closing of the anus is controlled by sphincter muscles. These muscles have a sensitive membrane with many nerve endings and can be a source for either pleasure or pain.

For the male being penetrated, the insertion of the penis (or other object) can cause pleasure by rubbing against the prostate gland through the anal wall.
For some men prostate stimulation causes a greater orgasm than penile stimulation alone. The prostate is like the male G-Spot.

For the male penetrating, the anal walls are tighter than vaginal walls, which can cause extra stimulation to the penis.

So... females don't really have any special glands near their anus. With extra stimulation to other erogenous zones (clitoris, g-spot, vagina) anal sex could be pleasurable to a female.

What are the risks?

Anal sex is considered a high risk sexual practice. This is because the anal and rectal tissues are very delicate and have no natural lubrication. This leads to an increase risk of tearing and bleeding which increases Sexually Transmitted Infection and HIV transmission.

There is also an increase of vaginal or yeast infections if the penis or other object being inserted into the anus enters the vagina right after. Anal mucous or remnants of fecal matter is not meant to be in the vagina!
DO NOT MAKE A FEMALE ANGRY! Either stay in the anus, or change condoms and move onto the vagina.

HPV can cause cervical cancer within females uterus', but HPV in the anus can cause anal cancer, no matter the sex of the person.

Physical damage can manifest as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or rectal prolapse (a wall in the anus collapses). Adequate lubrication can reduce this damage.
Loss of bowel control isn't always correlated to anal sex. The more likely reason can be the repeated injury or insertion of large objects into the anus.

How do I protect myself?

Simply, Condoms and Lube. Lots and lots and lots of lubrication.
Your usual condoms can be used for anal sex.
Since it is a high risk practice you want to make sure you are more vigilant and cautious when engaging in safer anal sex.

Well, if this is a sexual act you plan on experimenting with, you can now engage safely!
The only tips I can truly find is to:
-and USE LUBE!

ARRR Matey! There was great BOOTY in this blog!

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