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Friday, November 30, 2012

SMART Youth Answers: Say Hello to My "Little Friend"

What are some things I should know about the penis? 

There's a fun little "diddy" from Monty Python about the penis that includes some of the terms you may encounter that are about the penis.

All information from here on will be from someone with a penis though... so... toodles for now!
Have a good play date! ;)

Whatever you call it, to most men; it’s our very first friend in life, our prized possession: the penis. 

Johnson, Willie, Schlong…there are many names for this part of your body, call it what you may;  As much as we think we know about our little friend, there are quite a few facts that you may not be aware of.

Let’s start off what you may know:  the primary functions of the penis are to urinate and ejaculate, however; a lot of men (and their partners) have questions about their penis they may be too uncomfortable ask.  
And now you don’t have to, below are some interesting tidbits about your member.  

For more interesting facts about the penis, check out this link: Penis Facts
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