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Thursday, November 22, 2012

SMART Youth Answers: There's a Protection for That

What are the different ways of having sex and how can I protect myself for all of them?

Here's a disclaimer for this one:
This is not a SEX guide. It's a PROTECTION guide!
There have been plenty of times where I've heard,
"You can't get anything/pregnant in THAT position."
I'll give you the info and you can really decide that for yourself.

Fingering: The insertion of a finger (or multiple) into the vagina or anus AND/OR stimulation of clitoris (for females)
Now, the risk of transmission of a Sexually Transmitted Infection is almost non-existent with this one. But possible.
For example, if you touch your own genitalia and you have herpes, then touch your partners genitalia... well... since herpes can be spread through SKIN-to-SKIN contact, you just put your partner at risk for contracting herpes. This can go for any Sexually Transmitted Infection that can be spread from SKIN-to- SKIN contact.
Pregnancy is, again, unlikely. Unless, again, if the male happens to have his semen on his hands before inserting his fingers into the females vagina.
What could be a problem is if the one fingering inserts their finger into the anus and then into the vagina. This spreads bacteria and can cause a yeast infection (or other vaginal infection). Just... don't do that...

Mode of Protection:
-Finger cots (like little condoms for your individual fingers)
-latex/non-latex disposable gloves
I know it seems like a mood killer, but you can work with it!
Just put on KISS's song "Calling Dr. Love" and that should spark a little sexiness while snapping on a latex glove. (Because doctors wear gloves... and... their song is all about sex... in case that wasn't clear)

Oral Sex: Insertion of the penis into the mouth OR licking of the clitoris and/or insertion of tongue into the vagina.
You cannot get pregnant through oral sex. Swallowing semen just leads to your stomach acids digesting... semen.
(I know someone is going to give me an extreme case, and here it is: If someone has unprotected oral sex with a man and he ejaculates into the mouth, then the person who preformed the oral sex goes onto preforming oral sex on a female without rinsing... well then... yes... semen can get into the vagina! But come on... let's NOT test this out!)
You can, however, contract a nice list of Sexually Transmitted Infections (HPV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis...) and transmission of HIV is also possible through unprotected oral sex.
Your gums can have microscopic cuts that can let these infections into your body and bloodstream.
Also, some of these infections can be contracted through SKIN-to-SKIN contact. Lips on a penis, lips on a vagina--- definitely SKIN-to-SKIN.

Mode of Protection:
-Dental Dams (a thin latex sheet that lays across the vagina)
-Flavored Condoms
Dental dams can be harder to find than flavored condoms, and may be a bit more expensive. There is a way around this! Flavored condoms can BECOME dental dams!
Check out this site for the HOW TO: Flavored Condom to Dental Dam
OR watch this video

Anilingus: Oral contact to the anus.
I had to give this one it's own section just because anything with the anus brings up a different category of infections along with Sexually Transmitted and HIV.
There is no pregnancy here. No chance. (unless you refer back to my "extreme" situation from before and then add onto it that semen slides down from the anus into the vagina... but, again, seriously?)
However, parasites, bacteria, and viruses can be transmitted through unprotected anilingus.
These include (but are not limited to):
Hepatitis (A,B,C), HPV, chlamydia, intestinal parasites, and herpes.
Also, going from the anus to the vagina can spread bacteria into the vagina or urethra, leading to a yeast infection, E. Coli, a urinary tract infection, or some other health problem. JUST DON'T DO THAT!

Mode of Protection:
-Dental Dams (a thin latex sheet that lays across the anus)

Anal Sex: Insertion of penis or sex toy into the anus.
We have recently posted a blog ALL about Anal Sex ( In Da Butt )
So I won't go into crazy details, I'll sum up the article.
You can't get pregnant. (Unless we revert back to my "extreme" situation again.)
Anal Sex is a high risk sexual practice, especially if unprotected.
The anus has thin tissues and no natural form of lubrication which increases chances of tearing and blood, which then increases risk of transmission of any Sexually Transmitted Infection AND HIV.
Again, moving from the anus to the vagina = BAD! and SAD/VERY ANGRY female.

Mode of Protection:
-Condom (Male OR Female- if the inner ring is removed)

Vaginal Sex: Insertion of penis or sex toy into vagina.
Here is where most of those kama-sutra positions come into play...
Pregnancy is a YES for this one!
Unprotected vaginal sex is what your parents did to create you.
Yep, I said it. Now you can have that image in your head for a moment or two.
HIV transmission is a risk as well. (Male to Female through semen, and even a small chance with Female to Male through the vaginal discharge)
Any Sexually Transmitted Infection you can think of, can be transmitted through vaginal sex. (and more)

Mode of Protection:
-Condoms (Male or Female)
-Birth Control (check out our previous blog about different Birth Control Methods: Sex without the Baby, Please )

Alright, so I think these are all the major forms of fore-play, intercourse, etc.
Unless... people are sticking things in belly-buttons and ears now...
My training has not covered THAT yet... so... you will have to fend for yourselves on that one.
Good Luck!
Have Fun, Stay Safe, and take this education and do with it what YOU feel is right!
Just know it's always there for you.
Now you can go to Urban Outfitters and buy the latest Sex Position of the Day calendar and stock up on condoms and lube at Duane Reade.
The New Year is almost here... ;)

Happy Holidays!

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