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Friday, November 2, 2012


When is my cherry actually "Popped"? What does "popping my cherry" really mean?

 Laci Green (Sex+) has a wonderfully detailed video about what I will explain about the HYMEN.

1.The hymen (AKA the cherry) DOES NOT POP!
BTW -- it really doesn't look like a cherry either. It is actually a thin layer of tissue that covers a portion of the vaginal entrance.

2.What does happen to hymen? It TEARS and this happens in lots of ways that has nothing to do with sex. If a female lands on something that is in-between her legs with force (like horse back riding, bike riding, gymnastics), the hymen can tear. It is a very sensitive and thin sheet of tissue.

3. Since the hymen can tear at other times in a females life other than her "sexual debut," this is not a very reliable way to determine if she is a virgin. Even if the hymen is around doing the first penis-vagina sex act, the hymen can tear the first time of sex or it can still be there afterwards. The hymen may even tear the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. time of sex depending on how relaxed the body is, whether or not there is enough lubrication, etc.

4. However, it can be painful for the female when the hymen tears particularly when a penis is involved. In order to prevent pain and significant tearing it is suggested to use LUBE and engage in foreplay in order to give more elasticity to hymen for smoother entry.

Here's the most interesting fact about the hymen: The hymen CAN repair itself! So if there is a period where the hymen is not being pushed to the side for entrance into the vagina, it can start to cover the opening in it's semi-original state again.

So there you have it. Here's the breakdown about a woman's "cherry" and what is "popped":
-The hymen does not POP, it tears.
-When it does tear-- it doesn't have to happen during sex.
-Since it does not only tear during sex, it can't be a test to tell if someone is a "virgin".
-In order decrease tearing (and pain), lubrication is the best tool to help the hymen adjust to the entry of any object into the vagina.   

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